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Lego NXT With a Gamepad

I built this robot a while back, but I can’t stand the software that comes with the NXT, my own compiler isn’t ready yet, and any other remote controls I found didn’t work particularly well, if at all.

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself – Bernd Paysan

So I threw together PyGame and nxt-python, and wrote my own little application to control the NXT. Notice that it looks very similar to this PyMouse code

I have no building plans for the robot, it’s the standard wheel base with my own pincer. I do have the code:

import pygame
from nxt import locator, motor
from time import sleep

# edit this to reflect your joystick axis and buttons
axis = {'x':0, 'y':1, 'x*':3, 'y*':5}

b = locator.find_one_brick()

left = motor.Motor(b, motor.PORT_B)
right = motor.Motor(b, motor.PORT_A)
action = motor.Motor(b, motor.PORT_C)

closed = False

def limit(nr):
if nr > 50 or nr < -50:
return min(127, max(-128, nr))
return 0

def move(fwd=0, turn=0):
lp = int((fwd - turn) * -100)
rp = int((fwd + turn) * -100)

def pincer(button):
global closed
if button and not closed:
closed = True
action.turn(-40, 70, emulate=False)
elif not button and closed:
closed = False
action.turn(30, 70, emulate=False, brake=False)
except motor.BlockedException:
print action.get_tacho()

j = pygame.joystick.Joystick(0) # first joystick
print 'Initialized Joystick : %s' % j.get_name()
while True:

# get_axis returns a value between -1 and 1
move(j.get_axis(axis['y']), j.get_axis(axis['x']))

except KeyboardInterrupt:
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