Wishful Coding

Didn't you ever wish your
computer understood you?


With hundreds of blog posts and github repositories, you’d be forgiven for only seeing my most recent work rather than my most interesting work. To remedy this, I will attempt to create a short overview of some interesting projects.

Self-contained projects

Just some things I did for my own entertainment.

  • Lib2k a library of clay tablets with media from the last couple of millenia
  • TCPoke allows you to connect your Game Boy to the Internet and trade Pokemon. It spans everything form custom hardware, z80 assembly, embedded C++, full-stack web development, and a bit of entrepreneurship.
    • Bill’s Arduino laid the groundwork for Game Link spoofing.
    • GB Paint deepened my knowledge about assembly programming and the Game Boy hardware.
    • Pokemon Go Old used that knowledge to make a Pokemon Go clone on the Game Boy.
  • Bicycle GPS Using a custom file format and lots of optimizations, I was able to render gigabytes of OpenStreetMap data on a kilobyte-sized Arduino Mega.
  • Dwergmuis I made my own computer mouse. It’s not rocket science, but I’m proud of the result.
  • Solar System Simulation A Processing sketch that simulates the solar system based on data form NASA.
  • Gierzwaluw A Qt desktop app for sharing files over the local network.
  • Twemail An email server in Twisted that acts as a proxy to the Twitter API.

Open Source libraries

From time to time I write a library that I think will be useful for other people.

  • PyMouse My most popular and useful open source library, bringing a cross-platform mouse API to Python.
  • PypRedis A Redis library for pumping data into Redis really fast. Used in production, but not actively developed.
  • Begame A 2D game engine in Clojure
  • perper A persistent hash map for Python
  • ArmageDOM Clojure DSL for XML
  • And many more…


Though I’m by no means a security expert, I know a thing or two about some types of vulnerabilities. So sometimes you stumble upon something odd, like


The only thing that actually made good money is some old-fashioned software consulting. But I did try various other things such as