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DIY servo controlled pneumatic switches

Unless you have the materials and the skills, this is not for you. I will use this in a robot I’m working on, but Mindsensors sells pre-made versions of the same concept.

What this allows you to do is, using either a RC receiver or a NXT servo controller, make pneumatic robots!

These things are relatively easy to make. Materials:

  • A drilling machine
  • A drill of the same size as LEGO pins.
  • A small drill for the servo screws.
  • A jigsaw
  • A pen
  • Misc. LEGO parts.
  • A small servo with horn and screws.
  • Plywood.
  1. Saw a rectangle big enough for the switch and the servo.
  2. Draw a line around the servo, and a dot through the pinholes of the switch.
  3. Drill out the pinholes, and make an extra hole on the servo outline.
  4. Open the jigsaw, and put the blade through the hole on the line.
  5. Close the saw and saw out the servo hole.
  6. Drill small holes for the servo screws.
  7. Attach the servo and the switch to the wood with any LEGO at hand.
  8. Bend a piece of iron wire around the switch and the servo horn.
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