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DIY Servo Controller

This is another advanced home-made device, It took me weeks to do it. I was looking at the Mindsensors servo controller, when Matt Allen casually mentioned you could make them yourself. Once I set out to make one, I wanted it to do a little bit more.

I thought it would be nice if it could read input from an RC receiver as well. The final design has 2 readable inputs and 3 switchable ones, so you can directly control the servos.

Starting in the top-left corner, going clockwise, there is the PICAXE programmer header, 3 servo outputs, the servo battery connector, the NXT connector, 2 readable inputs and finally 3 switchable inputs. The PICAXE can directly control the outputs, or route them straight to the 3 non-readable inputs, for remote control.

If you know what you’re doing, this is the stripboard layout I designed. Use wisely, and at your own risk.

The code, more or less compatible with the Mindsensors quick mode.

'#define switching
setfreq m32

table 0x00, ("V0.1")
table 0x08, ("pepijn")
table 0x10, ("servo")

for b20 = 0 to 0x17
	readtable b20, @ptrinc
next b20

symbol servin1 = w0
symbol servin2 = w1
symbol servpos = b4
symbol servpin = b5
symbol incontrol = b6

servo B.2,150
servo B.3,150
servo B.4,150
pullup %10100000
hi2csetup i2cslave, 0x02
setintflags %01000000,%01000000

pulsin b.1, 1, servin1
pulsin b.0, 1, servin2
put 0x42, word servin1
put 0x44, word servin2

#ifdef switching
if servin1 < 1200 then
	incontrol = 1
	high C.4
	high C.3
	high C.2
	incontrol = 0
	low C.4
	low C.3
	low C.2
incontrol = 1
high C.4
high C.3
high C.2

goto main

setintflags %01000000,%01000000
hi2cflag = 0
if incontrol = 1 then
	get hi2clast, servpos
	let b20 = hi2clast - 0x5A
	lookup b20,(B.2,B.3,B.4),servpin
	servopos servpin,servpos
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