Wishful Coding

Didn't you ever wish your computer understood you?

I'm tired of the NoSQL buzz, and bring you SlouchDB

It has all the features your favorite NoSQL database has.

  • Fast
  • Scalable
  • Concurrent
  • Key/value store
  • Document orientated
  • MapReduce
  • In-memory
  • Persistent *
  • NoSQL
  • REST API *
  • Written in X, so...
* Requires a few extra lines.

The implementation looks like this.

(ns slouchdb)

; Fast scalable in-memory concurrent NoSQL database
(def db (ref {:bob {:age 59 :sex :male}
:bill {:age 17 :sex :male}
:mary {:age 28 :sex :female}}))

;; Views ;;

(defn total-age []
(reduce + (pmap (comp :age val) @db))) ; Parallel MapReduce!

;; Examples ;;

(println (apply str (interpose \newline
["Get an item"
(:bob @db)
"Add/update an item"
(dosync (alter db assoc-in [:bill :age] 25))
"Delete an item"
(dosync (alter db dissoc :mary))])))

; For scaling, press CMD or CTRL and + or -

; For a persistent version, see java.io.Serializable

; For a REST API, check out Moustache and Aleph.
Pepijn de Vos