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Pure CSS Minecraft skin previewer

If you where expecting the second part of my bookshelf, hang on, it's nearly done.

Meanwhile, a few friends set up a Minecraft server, and I joined them to dig some holes and build a house.

Pure CSS Minecraft skin previewer

A neat thing with Minecraft is that you can make your own skin, only, it doesn't really look like something when you open it in Photoshop.

Pure CSS Minecraft skin previewer

There are a few skin editors floating around the web, but nothing with the power of Photoshop. So as a programmer, I decided to craft my own viewer, rather than installing some weird piece of software.

What you see here is a piece of CSS that uses transforms and background-position(tiles) to show me a preview of my new skin. Thus, my workflow consisted of editing, saving, refreshing and more editing.

Pure CSS Minecraft skin previewer

Live demo, showing my current skin: http://wishfulcoding.nl/char/char.html

Recent versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox should be able to preview you own skins.

Pepijn de Vos