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Clojure static site generator

Ever wondered why systems like Wordpress generate the whole page every time a visitor comes around? I did, and I'm not the only one. There are numerous static site generators and caching plugins around, and this is one of the former. First I wanted to write a static site generator in Python, but there is already one. I started to learn Clojure, and met defn on the Clojure IRC channel, who also wanted to write a Clojure static site generator. We started coding, and that is how Utterson came to life. I must admit though that I haven't heard very much of defn since the start of the project. Utterson works by threading Markdown files through Clojure template files to generate static HTML files. Other files(images, etc.) are copied as-is.
java -jar utterson.jar src dest
The project is currently in a state in which it works, but it would make for an awkward blog, since there are still some base features missing. http://github.com/pepijndevos/utterson For now this blog is going to be using Wordpress, until I finish the generator and find solutions to problems like comments.