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PyMouse 1.0: Mouse control and events on Python

Since the first release of PyMouse I received a lot of feature requests. A list of all requests ordered by quantity:
  1. Receive mouse events
  2. Keyboard support
Digging around in platform specific APIs is not my favorite hobby, but when Aldo came to me with a good start for the Unix code, and copyrights send me some Windows code, I could do nothing but finish my Mac code and adapt everything to a common API. I'm also very grateful for the help from mailing list members of PyObjC and Python Xlib. Without their help I'd probably have to reverse the current version number. Keyboard support is not yet there, and I do not currently have time to write it. But I wrote down everything I know about the APIs I worked with on the PyMouse wiki, so it shouldn't be to hard to figure out for anyone willing to do it.

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