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Updating to Wordpress 3.0

I'm trying to upgrade this blog to WordPress 3.0. While I skipped 2.9.2 because it was only a minor fix, this time there are some cool new features, which I'm not going to tell about, use Google! This theme used the default comment template in WordPress 2.9, but unfortunately this has been removed or broken. To fix this, I had to use the comments.php from the new and shiny twentyten theme. I copied their comments.php over to my theme, but unfortunately this only made matter worse. It uses a few functions defined in functions.php. Rather than trying to copy those specific functions over to my functions.php, I just included theirs:
include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/../twentyten/functions.php");
Can you think of a more ugly solution? I'll fix it later. There might be more bugs to be discovered. Do you see anything out-of-order on this blog? Please leave a comment.