Wishful Coding

Didn't you ever wish your
computer understood you?

Blogging like a Ruby Hacker

Kind of a weird thing to say for someone who does not program Ruby, don’t you think?

I have been wanting to move away from Posterous for quite a while now. I’ve searched for solutions in languages I know and even spent some time writing something in Clojure.

All in all, I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I just said to myself that I wanted to have my blog in a static site generator today.

I chose Jekyll because it’s the first and most popular one I knew. It’s also used by Github and is named after “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. Only, it’s in Ruby.

It turns out Ruby syntax is quite easy to guess right for a Python dev. Before I could get started, I had to hack a Posterous migrator to support my old links, tags and images.

So, I hope you like my new old theme and that you don’t find to much broken stuff.

I don’t have comments for the moment, so you’ll have to email me when you have problems. I do plan to add search from Tapir soon.