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Clojure Wiki Gitorial

At the last Amsterdam Clojurians meetup, I gave a presentation with Hubert Iwaniuk, in which I wrote a wiki in 15 minutes, and Hubert explained what I was doing.

Unfortunately no video is available, but I made a Gitorial out of it to show you what I did. Typos included.

commit 9d2f91089dadbe795a16da9d84cb0da33cea9a37

Welcome to this gitorial. I just created an empty Leiningen project with lein new wiki and initiated git with git init

commit e2156be6cbfc421e384ebb016699497501395131

I’m using Ring for serving my application, and Moustache for routing.

commit 1898d45e54d1ae6045742f8e5db3b8fbc1fb7141

I defined a router that will at this point match an empty address and return “hello world”. The -main function can be run with lein run -m wiki.core.

Browsing to http://localhost:8080/ now should display “hello world”.

commit 5e68a78f30586ad5313072201df25e5b1eea76ac

A lot is going on here, form top to bottom:

I imported some Ring middleware. These modify the request and response on the fly. Note that wrap-reload and wrap-stacktrace are for debuging only.

I added the middleware to the Moustache app.

I added routes. The first route matches and WikiLink and binds it to title. The second one redirects all other links to the MainPage.

The #’ syntax is for getting the var instead of the value, to make reloading work.

At this point, visiting the same url should redirect to /MainPage and display “hello tester”

Changing this text does not require a server restart, so we can keep it running from now on.

commit ae78c9d640420d0154b22c66df581fa684b8aa48

I lied, to add a new dependency, you need to restart the server.

Hiccup is a DSL for generating HTML.

I defined a HTML template and a function for showing it that takes a request and a title.

Note that I used the underscore to denote we’re not using the request.

Delegate is a HOF that returns a function with the title alreadu supplied. Moustache supplies the request.

Try visiting /FooBar now.

commit cd24f552f7eefb470ac7b4357d01486e0fc9c888

I added Clutch as a dependency. Clutch is a library for CouchDB.

Install CouchDB and use Futon to create a wiki database and insert a “MainPage” document with a “content” key.

I defined my own Ring middleware that takes a handler and returns another function that calls the old handler in the context of our database.

The show function now gets a document from the database and passes its content to page.

commit f0c831708f397137b9aadf397376de2202f5cd60

You can now edit and create pages.

Page now takes a revision, which is used in the web form to update.

The update function does use the request object, and uses destructuring to extracts form data as parsed by wrap-params.

Depending if a revision was supplied, a new document is created or an existing one updated. Then, the page is shown.

Note how Moustache now delegates POST requests to update and GET requests to show.

commit 11588b8f1e591ea6415515ffa21e70ed630eef91

I added a Java library for Markdown parsing.

The markup function also replaces WikiLinks with an HTML link.

commit 235c551d57786f79c1867452de37b079a59606bd

Getting ready for deployment.

I removed the debugging wrappers and the var syntax(#’wiki).

Jetty now gets the port number from the environment/Foreman. This means it now runs at port 5000.

Install Foreman with gem install foreman

I added a Procfile according to http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/clojure