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Philips 162 Post-Mortem

You read that right, I used my phone untill it died. This is not a review or even a preview, but a postview.

I wish there was a gadget website of which the authors are not too happy about ditching their almost-new phone. – some tweep lost in history

The upside of a post-mortem about a phone is that I used it for years, so I know all the details and annoyances. The downside is that Philips no longer makes the phone, but no matter, I wouldn’t recommend you buy it anyway.

It’s a practical phone. It lies confortably in your hand, it’s super sturdy, even after years, it lasts a week on a charge, and it even has a few games on it.

It doesn’t have a camera, wifi, bluetooth or pretty mutch anything else, but it’s great for calling and texting. The T9 feature works good, but always uses the interface language and does not allow adding words.

My number one annoyiance with the phone is that in the phonebook the screen displays only 8 of the 10 digits of a phone number in a hard to follow sliding motion.

Speaking of the phone book, I recently discovered that copying contacts to the SIM card is hard.

The menu of the phone is easy to use, but there is hardly any reason to. On a daily basis, I tend to use the directional pad to get to the most frequently used functions. This does mean it is fairly easy to do stuff accidentally if you forget to lock it.

One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t warn you when the inbox is full. It just doesn’t receive anymore text messages. Once in a while, when people stop replying to my messages, I need to check if it’s me or my phone.

Overall, this phone served me well. R.I.P. phone…