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Grep your way into Pokemon Red

I’m trying to figure out how the serial communication between two first generation Pokemon games works.

Armed with a CPU manual and opcode summary, I’m grepping through a disassembled ROM.

Reading the section in the CPU manual about serial communication, I found that it uses two registers at addresses ff01 and ff02. Grepping the source reveals constants/hardware_constants.asm that defines rSB and rSC.

Grepping those leads me to home/serial.asm and engine/overworld/cable_club_npc.asm. I’m not sure which does what, but in the former I find a promising label called Serial_ExchangeBytes. Grepping for that leads me to engine/cable_club.asm.

The function is called 3 times in this file. Looking at the comments and at my opcode reference, it seems to be using ld to load 3 16 bit registers for the arguments. hl stores the data to send, de the data to receive, and bc the number of bytes to send.

Grepping for wSerialRandomNumberListBlock leads me to wram.asm where all 3 are defined. Looking in the manual, WRAM refers to the 8 4Kb RAM banks that can be mapped into certain address spaces. I’m assuming ds n means a data section of n bytes, but I’m not sure.

So the first command sends 17 bytes of random data, while wSerialRandomNumberListBlock is only 7, but followed by 10 bytes of wLinkBattleRandomNumberList. I could grep further, but it’s random data, so whatever. On to wSerialPlayerDataBlock

This block contains all the good stuff. We know we are looking for 424 bytes of data, but here we see them clearly labeled.

First there is a preamble, like with the random block. No idea what it’s for. Then there is space for the player name, followed by the number of Pokemon you cary and their ID. PARTY_LENGTH is just defined as 6.

Then there are 6 party_struct that contain more info about your Pokemon. I know because I found this page earlier.

I’m grepping for those bytes in the preamble. They seem to be used for a bunch of other things, completely unrelated to the player data.

I’m just randomly trying to read bit and pieces of the code and comparing with bytes coming out of the Game Boy. In the data I see a lot of FD, and in the code I found SERIAL_PREAMBLE_BYTE which so happens to be defined as FD. These seem to be for synchronisation only.

That’s it for now. There is plenty of stuff I don’t understand, but at least I know the structure of the data that is sent over the link cable.