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EV3 Puppy, retail edition

I wanted to make an EV3 tamagotchi with a friend, but after various experiments I found the Puppy that comes with the EV3 education set, which is way cuter than anything we designed so far. But the education version contains different parts than the retail version, so we could not build that one.

So I sat down to create a puppy with the parts from the retail edition of the EV3. The end results looks very similar, but the construction is quite different in places.

The only functional difference is that I did not add the touch sensor and added the infrared sensor instead. So you can’t pet this puppy, but it can detect when you’re near and track the beacon with its eyes.

Other than that it’s mostly the same as the educational version. It can tilt its head up and down, stand up and sit down, pee and display different emotions.

The code I wrote so far is only a dozen lines of Python, which I might upload later. The good news is that due to the Christmas holiday, I had time to make some nice building instructions, check them out!

Download building instructions