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How to upgrade your PC to an even more magical terrarium

In the previous post I turned my new computer into a magical terrarium by adding a glowing acrylic dragonfly. After showing it to a friend he told me about this video by DIY Perks where he makes glowing mushrooms.

So we set out to add some mushrooms to my computer. One super cool thing my friend added is to use glow in the dark powder instead of paint, and to use UV LEDs. This way your mushrooms are glow in the dark, and keep glowing even if you turn off your PC. Magical!

a computer case with glowing mushrooms inside

a computer case with glow in the dark mushrooms

I hooked them up with 600Ω resistors to the 12V RGB port on my motherboard. This way you can make them fade in and out and do other fun things. A challenge is that there is no control software for Linux, so you have to just set it up on Windows and it seems like the default patterns keep working after you boot into Linux.

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