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5 minutes Lisp in Python

I love both Python and Clojure, so after I read this gist about a Lisp in Ruby, I decided to craft my own in Python.

The idea is basically to abuse a few Python functions, namely Generators, Decorators and grouping to have a syntax that looks like Lisp with yield at the start of every statement.

It's all still Python, so you can mix and mach however you like, I sneaked a List Comprehension in the example, which fits the Lisp syntax quite well.

At the moment of writing, the Gist below is also #3 on HackerNews.

# 5 minutes Lisp in Python
# Pepijn de Vos <http://pepijndevos.nl>
# Inspired by 30 minutes Lisp in Ruby
# http://gist.github.com/562017
# This Lisp does not read or parse anything at all.
# A generator and a Decorator are abused to run sexps.
# Usage:
# Define a function decorated with @lisp and start every sexp with yield.
# The function names should be strings.
# Result is stored in fn name.
# Example below:

def lisp(fn):
    code = fn()
    val = code.next()
    while True:
                newval = getattr(__builtins__, val[0])(*val[1:])
            except AttributeError:
                newval = getattr(val[1], val[0])(*val[2:])

            val = code.send(newval)
        except StopIteration:
            return getattr(val[1], val[0])(*val[2:])

def example():
  (yield 'join',
    ", #",
    (yield '__mul__',
      [(yield 'str', i) for i in
        (yield 'range', (yield '__add__', 5, 5))],

print example