Wishful Coding

Didn't you ever wish your
computer understood you?

Pepijndevos.nl moved to Posterous

After weighting the pros and the cons of moving to Posterous completely, I decided to do it. Wishful Coding has now completely moved to Posterous.

If you see anything broken, drop me a line or try the original blog, which will be available for a while at pepijn.cqhosting.nl.

I'd like to thank the awesome people of both Posterous and CQ Hosting(who used to host my Wordpress blog). From the initial export tot the switch of the domain took only a few hours.

The only thing that didn't go as planned are he images in old posts. They where still linked to pepijndevos.nl, which meant that switching the domain would break links.

I asked CQ Hosting to make my old blog available through some sort of address, which they did almost instantly. Now I could replace every instance of pepijndevos.nl with pepijn.cqhosting.nl, and keep all images and links intact.

My beautiful Wordpress Theme is gone for now, but I'll make my own Posterous theme later on. Watch out for some crazy CSS3 and HTML5!