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Twisted on Dotcloud

A while back, I wrote a Twisted email server that would sit between you and Twitter and let you reed and send tweets via email.

With the advent of free cloud hosting, I thought it’d be fun to put it online. I’ll share with you how it’s done, for those of you who are looking for a place to put your Twisted app.

The major problem with these easy hosts is that they assume a simple WSGI app or a background worker, but then the background worker is not accessible from the outside.

First I tried Heroku, then Dotcloud, and finally a couple of others, and just when I had given up, @solomonstre came in:

@pepijndevos dotcloud has beta support for arbitrary tcp/udp ports. Want to try? :)

After some fruitless tries, he shared this repo, which contains scaffolding for a web-accessible Python worker.

The core parts of this thing are dotcloud.yml, where you define a setup script, the ports you want, and the command to run your app.

  type: custom
  buildscript: builder
    smpt: tcp
    pop3: tcp
  process: ~/run
  approot: twemail

builder contains a whole lot of pip/virtualenv code, while run contains something like twistd -ny yourapp.tac.